Fans and Air Moving

A complete line of fans and gravity air moving products to handle any project involving the movement of either clean or dirty airstreams from one space to another. Products are available in mild steel, stainless, PVC, fiberglass, other exotic metals and with various paint coatings.

  • Moffitt Corporation is a quality manufacture of gravity ventilation systems and heat & smoke ventilators for a wide range of industry. Moffitt Corporation can engineer and manufacture a wide variety of gravity ventilation products to furnish the customer with the highest quality ventilation equipment.

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  • Aerovent manufactured their first fan in 1926 and since then Aerovent has become a name synonymous with quality air handling equipment for all phases of industry. Aerovent manufactures a complete line of products to meet your needs from axial flow fans to centrifugal blowers to air make-up units.

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  • American Warming & Ventilating is a leading producer of a comprehensive line of louvers, grilles, sunshades, and dampers. Their full line of dampers include backdraft dampers, pressure relief dampers, volume control dampers, inlet vane dampers, and heavy duty industrial dampers. Their complete line of louvers include adjustable and stationary blade louvers from extruded aluminum and galvanized construction, along with an extensive coating system.

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  • Clarage has been in the business of designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom, built-to-specification, critical service centrifugal blowers for over 125 years. Designs include building blowers to handle high temperatures, high static pressure, large volumes of air, and corrosive environments. Clarage can also repair and rebuild fans and blowers from any manufacturer.

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  • dB Noise Reduction specializes in providing high quality products designed to meet your specific noise reduction needs. We offer a wide range of standard industrial silencers and noise control equipment designed for use in virtually every industry, plus a full line of flex connectors and sound enclosures.

    All of our products can be customized to fit your noise reduction application via an extensive list of design options and accessories. Products are available in sizes ranging from less than 100 lbs to 25,000 lbs.

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  • Twin City Fan & Blower produces a complete line of quality commercial and industrial fans and blowers for use in industries such as food, foundry, steel, automotive, pulp and paper, textile, and commercial building. Twin City has grown to become the leader in the design and manufacturing of quality air moving equipment, and the demand for premium products has led to sales all over the world.

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  • Verantis centrifugal and axial flow fans are available in FRP or polypropylene, in sizes and configuration to fit any application. Verantis fans are designed for long, trouble-free service, ensuring incredible value, and are available in a wide range of models to meet your air handling requirements. Verantis pretests every fan before shipping, and we evaluate each unit in accordance with AMCA standards. Each fan impeller is statically and dynamically balanced prior to delivery to guarantee smoother, longer runtime. Verantis fans are also customizable, to fit your unique application and work environment.

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